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The Building

The TKY house has all the amenities necessary for a "proper medical education," complete with 18 spacious rooms, a kitchen (lunch 5 days/week included with rent), TV room, weight room, library and parking lot next to campus. Renovations have been made, and we regularly work to improve the house.

Our Rooms

Each room is 15' x 20', including a bathroom, shower, vanity, and 2 small closets. Cable television and high speed digital internet are included. Each room also comes standard with a large computer desk and 2 bookshelves. 

Make the Room Your Own

Each member is allowed to customize their bedroom and live how they want. Redesign the space and make it yours.


Full access to our library with medical texts, notes, and other references - why buy your own books?

La Piscina

Enjoy our pristine, Mediterranean blue swimming pool. Note the Whataburger in the background.

Beer Garden

Our newly minted beer garden - a great spot to study, relax, and get some fresh air.

TV Room

Take a break in our newly renovated Common Room, complete with TVs and game consoles.

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